Selected Works

Value: Issue #1 - 4

Books & Posters

- 2018-19


Value transcends many plains. It is commonly identified to be monetary - a reflection of our current society - however there are also intangible or intrinsic values, such as emotional, human and cultural, among others. This series of printed matter recreates the same visual essay in increasingly valuable forms of publication: Issue #1 - leaflet; Issue #2 - risograph posters; Issue #3 - self-published book; Issue #4 - professionally published book. Questioning whether the level of beauty and production increases our perceived value of an object.


Projective Test: A Sequence Of Associations

Book & Installation



Memory operates in a sequence of associations, the intertwining mental connection between words, images, concepts and opinions. Psychologists utilise these techniques through words association and Rorschach tests to triggering episodic memories. This project utilises abstracted material symbolisms to trigger sub-conscious thoughts, a kin to a Rorschach test.

Installation Video.


Deep Seeded Urban Decay




The British council estate, once the symbolism of a classless society, has now become ”shorthand for general lumpenproletarian venality and violence”, deep seeded urban decay as Mike Skinner put it. It is difficult to comprehend the extent of the decline of the Modernist’s new society, from a society that would eradicate class struggle to a metaphor for crime and anti-social behaviour. The estate provided the word ‘monstrosity’ with a new prefix, concrete, the now default descriptive generalisation of post-war buildings has become a “potent and irresistible cliché”.


Various Posters: C3: Control. Command. Communicate; SustainLab RCA; & RCA SU Afterparties




C3: Command, Control, Communicate was curated experience by Visual Communication students from the Royal College of Art. Designed in collaboration with Philip Veech & Aakriti Khurana. SustainLab RCA is a platform for Royal College of Art students to explore sustainability - poster design for Falmouth University lecture. RCA SU Afterparties was the promotion for the Royal College of Art’s Student Union’s Graduation Show afterparties. Design in collaboration with Debbie Poon.


CSM Sessions

Art Direction & Posters



CSM Sessions is a monthly music event. Designed in collaboration with Ben HutchingsKwan Chow and Oliver O'Callaghan.